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Meet our Team of 
Brain Health Specialist

At Harmonized Brain Centers we transform unfocused, chaotic and under performing brains into harmonized brains that reach their full potential. We use proven, drug-free, safe and effective care - no matter your age.

To get started with our services, follow these three easy steps:

  1. Come in for a consultation and brain mapping

  2. Schedule your 12 session brain wellness plan

  3. Live life with a harmonized brain


With a decade of experience and over 120,000 successful sessions, our clients have overcome many obstacles and challenges while achieving their best brain ever. Don't let a struggling brain hold you back.


Harmonize your Brain, Harmonize your Life.

Dallas Shepard
Dallas Shepard, BS  Economics and Finance
Founder and Brain Health Specialist

     Dallas has a passion to help people achieve their BEST BRAIN EVER!  Becoming a caregiver after his son’s (Austin) accident in 2003, Dallas and his family embarked on a journey to help  him change his brain even though  he had been in a coma for two and a half months.  This caregiver role has fueled Dallas’s passion to help Austin and others with their neurological challenges.  These challenges can range from anxiety, depression, TBI, PTSD, caregiver fatigue, ADD/ADHD and many other diagnosed or non-diagnosed conditions.   Dallas became an unlicensed psychotherapist in the state of Colorado and he and his wife Shelly opened Harmonized Brain Centers in November of 2013.  After completing over 25,000 sessions Dallas and his team are more excited today about helping their clients achieve their BEST BRAIN EVER!  All our care is Drug Free, Non-Invasive, safe, effective and affordable.  We experience every day that people can change their brain as we believe A Harmonized Brain Equals A Harmonized Life.

      The entrepreneurial spirit is strong in Dallas and he is excited about helping more clients and promoting the opportunity to open more Harmonized Brain Centers besides our offices in Colorado Springs, CO,  Denver, CO, Monte Vista, CO, Westcliffe, CO and Nashville, TN.

Shelly Shepard

Shelly Shepard, BS Marketing

Marketing and Educational Director

Shelly became intrigued by the brain and how it functions after working with her son, Austin, and helping him with rehab after he was hit in the head with a baseball in January, 2003.  Since co-founding the Harmonized Brain Centers in 2013, Shelly has been relentless in promoting our services as they have helped so many clients and she wants to help more.   

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Austin Shepard

Customer Relations Specialist

Austin's accident on January 30, 2003 and recovery is the inspiration behind Harmonized Brain Centers as Austin interacts with our clients and inspires them to change their brains.  

Kara Stutzman, Brain Health Specialist

Kara is a certified yoga teacher and healing practitioner in addition to working as a Brain Health Specialist. She enjoys leading meditations, retreats, yoga and breathwork, and is fascinated with brain waves. Her focus is to help bring balance and harmony to life and body, by getting the stuck areas moving and to calm the areas that are moving too much. Her motto is: Peace in the Pause, Magic in the Movement. She discovered the amazing effects of neurofeedback in 2014, after being hit by a car while crossing the street with her two boys in a stroller. Between Kara and her boys, they suffered from PTSD, anxiety, depression brain injury and seizures, but were able to heal and thrive after receiving care at Harmonized Brain Centers. "It helped me deal with life in a more resilient way," She says. "I regained my previous functioning, and learned incredible ways to tap into new skills like meditation and the power of the breath to overcome life's challenges. It's why I now do what I do."  She lives in Manitou Springs and enjoys gardening, hiking, and listening to live music.

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Sheri Rowney

Sheri Rowney, Managing Director in Nashville

Managing Director and LENS Practitioner

Sheri is the Managing Director and LENS practitioner of the Nashville Tennessee Harmonized Brain Center office and has completed over 30,000  sessions of LENS Neurofeedback.  With over 16 years as a private school principal, she saw first hand the problems children face in learning today.  Seeing hundreds of cases of ADD, anxiety, depression, learning difficulties and children on the Autism Spectrum, it became her mission to help find a way to make things easier for them to be successful in their life pursuits.  Finding LENS Therapy and the other integrated therapies, Sheri saw the consistent and positive results at the Colorado Springs office, she knew she had found something that could be beneficial to children as well as adults in the Nashville area.  Certified in both Life Coaching as well as in LENS therapy, she brings with her a passion to helping those help themselves.

Christiana "Nana" Muir

Christiana "Nana" Muir in Nashville

LENS Practitioner

Nana has a passion to work with kids and teenagers with a degree in Youth Ministries from Lipscomb University.  She has worked through the Nashville office since 2018 and loves working with her clients and helping them become the best and healthiest version of themselves.

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