Harmonized Brain Centers

At Harmonized Brain Centers we have a passion to help people maximize the efficiency of their uniquely and divinely created brain by using an integrated approach by using the most cutting edge and common sense methods. Our staff and owners not only have extensive knowledge in dealing with neurological issues but we also have personal experience in helping our family members, friends and clients improve.

Dallas Shepard, Economics and Finance
Founder and LENS Practitioner

Dallas is a certified LENS (Low Energy Neurofeedback System) Practitioner and a registered psychotherapist in the State of Colorado with a passion to help others with their neurological challenges. Having been a caregiver of a child that suffered from Traumatic Brain Injury, Dallas has been involved in his son’s rehabilitation since 2003.  This practical experience led Dallas and his wife to establishing the Harmonized Brain Centers in 2013. Dallas has successfully completed over 9,000 sessions of LENS to help his clients have more efficient brain function which has led to great improvements in their lives. Although LENS is our primary modality we strongly believe in an integrated approach to helping clients achieve their wellness. Increasing blood flow, low light laser therapy, nutrition, exercise and drinking water are just some of the basic things we can all do to improve our brain health. The entrepreneurial spirit is strong Dallas and he is excited about helping more clients and promoting the opportunity to open more Harmonized Brain Centers besides our offices in Colorado Springs, CO,  Nashville, TN and Denver, CO.

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Shelly Shepard, BS Marketing

Marketing and Educational Director

Shelly became intrigued by the brain and how it functions after working with her son, Austin, and helping him with rehab after he was hit in the head with a baseball in January, 2003.  Since co-founding the Harmonized Brain Centers in 2013, Shelly has been relentless in promoting our services as they have helped so many clients and she wants to help more.   


Sheri Rowney, Managing Director in Nashville

Managing Director and LENS Practitioner

Sheri is the Managing Director and LENS practitioner of the Nashville Tennessee Harmonized Brain Center office and has completed over 5,000 sessions of LENS Neurofeedback.  With over 16 years as a private school principal, she saw first hand the problems children face in learning today.  Seeing hundreds of cases of ADD, anxiety, depression, learning difficulties and children on the Autism Spectrum, it became her mission to help find a way to make things easier for them to be successful in their life pursuits.  Finding LENS Therapy and the other integrated therapies, Sheri saw the consistent and positive results at the Colorado Springs office, she knew she had found something that could be beneficial to children as well as adults in the Nashville area.  Certified in both Life Coaching as well as in LENS therapy, she brings with her a passion to helping those help themselves.


Christiana "Nana" Muir in Nashville

LENS Practitioner

Nana has a passion to work with kids and teenagers with a degree in Youth Ministries from Lipscomb University.  She has worked through the Nashville office since 2018 and loves working with her clients and helping them become the best and healthiest version of themselves.