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At Harmonized Brain Centers, we are committed to providing our clients with scientifically validated, drug-free, safe, and effective care. Our approach is grounded in proven scientific principles and practical application. Staying abreast of the latest research is fundamental to our work at Harmonized Brain Centers. We integrate cutting-edge technology with practical methodologies to cultivate an optimal environment for our clients' brain function. Recognizing the uniqueness of each individual, we tailor our therapies to address underlying issues while respecting the diverse needs and requirements of each client.

Below, you'll find links to research and books covering the various types of care we offer. However, please note that this list is not exhaustive. Research in this field is constantly evolving, with new findings emerging each year. We continuously update our resources to reflect the latest developments. Additionally, we will provide you with keywords associated with each type of care for further exploration.

1. LENS Neurofeedback helps calm the electrical activity in the brain and helps improve flexibility between the brain functional areas.  As the electrical activity in the brain calms and becomes more flexible that is when we typically see behavior or functional improvement.
2.Our Brain Supplement products actually are designed to activate our DNA at a cellular level to reduce oxidative stress (40% in 30 days), increase mitochondrial (energy production) efficiency, and help support increased focus, energy, mental clarity, and mood by using the NAD pathway to increase sirtuin proteins.

3. Our Enhanced Blood Flow Therapy is designed to increase blood flow and oxygen uptake throughout our bodies.  In just an eight minute session, we can increase your blood flow and oxygen uptake by 30%.  Anytime we can increase blood flow and oxygen uptake we are creating the best environment for the brain to operate.

4.  Low Level Light Therapy is also called Photobiomodulation, Cold Laser Therapy, Red Light Therapy or Near Infrared Therapy.   Basically, infrared light at a low intensity stimulates the mitochondria (energy production of cells) to increase blood flow in specific areas around the head or body.

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