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Satisfied Clients

Barb photo

Barb H.

Barb has been a caregiver for many years and the stress and anxiety of her tasks at hand had taken their toll.  Even though all the situations have not changed, Barb's anxiety and stress levels are at manageable levels.

Gary and Monica

Gary M and his Daughter

Gary's daughter has had sensory issues all her life.  She is also on the Autism spectrum.  Today those issues have been minimized and she is excelling in school and in life.

Jordy photo

Jorden S.

Jordy suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury, or as he calls it "a neurological incident".  He is a gifted musician and continues to share his music with many people.  He is the founder of A Positive Note, where he teaches people of all ages and various abilities, the wonderful gift of music.



Alan has suffered from Bi-polar Disorder for many years and has found LENS Neurofeedback to be an effective treatment.  He is feeling much happier now than he has in years.  His mood swings are also much less extreme.


I did not realize that I was so stressed and creating many issues in my life.


The biggest change I noticed was the ability to focus on demand.

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