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I Almost Fell Out of my Chair when my Son Sat Down for Dinner

A changed son from Harmonized Brain Centers
Mom and Son

Harmonized Brain Centers champions a proven, drug-free, safe and effect approach to improving brain function and overall well-being. Established in 2013 by Dallas and Shelly Shepard, the center has since conducted over 100,000 sessions, helping countless individuals navigate their neurological issues with success.

One such individual is Tanya F.'s son, who was, in her words, being "terrible." He was constantly grumpy, quick to snap at everyone, and his video game addiction was causing him to isolate himself from his family. The situation was so worrying that they even considered medication as a solution. However, upon hearing about the compassionate care from a friend, they decided to give Harmonized Brain Centers a try.

Despite being initially skeptical, Tanya found the center's explanation about her son's chaotic brain activity and the potential of their care to regulate his emotions convincing. Remarkably, after just a few sessions, there was a noticeable change in her son's behavior. He began engaging more with the family, he even voluntarily sat down for dinner and cleaning up the table afterward – a sight that nearly had Tanya falling out of her chair in surprise!

This story is one of many that testify to the transformative power at Harmonized Brain Centers.

To get started with our services, follow these three easy steps:

  1. Come in for a consultation and brain mapping

  2. Schedule your 12 session brain wellness plan

  3. Live life with a harmonized brain

Don't let a struggling brain hold you back. Harmonize your Brain, Harmonize your Life.

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