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Who has more concussions?

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

“Who is more likely to suffer a concussion while playing high school sports, a female soccer player or a male football player? A new study, published in the journal Pediatrics, found that girls who play high school soccer are at nearly the same risk for traumatic brain injuries as boys who play high school football. In fact, concussion rates were higher among girls than boys in every high school sport. Despite the indisputable statistics, controversy still surrounds the exact reasons that girls suffer more concussions than boys.”

This is a great article on how athletes either male or female or in a variety of sports can suffer from concussions and raises great questions, concerns and brings much needed awareness. Concussions are serious and can have lasting and life altering affects on people, especially when they go untreated. At the Harmonized Brain Centers our focus is on how to treat someone who has suffered from a minor concussion to a major concussion (better known as a Traumatic Brain Injury) and as we state in our #1 Best Brain Practice “If you are doing somethings that is hurting your brain you must stop” or at least protect yourself the best way possible.

In many cases our clients have traversed the typical medical protocols of rest, staying away from strenuous activities, limiting or restricting screen time or making accomindations but yet still suffer from the fatigue, processing disorders, lack of attention, sensitivity to sounds or light, irritability, mood swings, lack of sleep and many more symptoms. Some people do get better with the typical concussion protocols but what we have found is that many people don’t. Their brains learn to compensate (adjust) to doing things differently but over time this compensation brakes down and the symptoms get worse. It would be like breaking your arm and not putting it into a cast (or some device to hold it in place) so that it can heal properly. An untreated broken arm will heal in time but will most likely have unintended consequences later on. Our brains are not different.

Our treatments work on the electrical activity in the brain (LENS Neurofeedback), the chemical reactions in the brain (Nutrigenomics) and the blood flow, oxygen uptake and toxin disposal on a cellular level (Physical Vascular Therapy and Low Light Laser Therapy). We have a passion to help our clients who have suffered from a minor concussion to a traumatic brain injury because of our personal and professional experiences. We firmly believe that you can change your brain and we want our clients to have their Best Brain Ever.

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