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A Mental Illness Poem

At the Harmonized Brain Centers (HBC) we have a passion to help those with neurological disorders (sometimes referred to as mental illness). These conditions can sometimes be diagnosed as Depression, Bi-polar, manic, schizophrenia and many others. At HBC we specialized in using LENS (Low Energy Neurofeedback System) and we have found that it can people with many of the diagnosed conditions as listed above. Mental illness is real and should not cause shame, guilt and resentments but the truth be told it does. We came across a poem about mental illness written by Debbie Sesula which paints an accurate picture of the differences between “normal” people and people with a mental illness. If you or you know someone who is suffering from a mental illness please seek help.

Enjoy the poem.

If you’re overly excited

You’re happy

If I’m overly excited

I’m manic

If you imagine the phone ringing

You’re stressed out

If I imagine the phone ringing

I’m psychotic.

If you’re crying and sleeping all day

You’re sad and need time out

If I’m crying and sleeping all day

I’m Depressed and need to get up.

If you’re afraid to leave your house at night

You’re cautious

If I’m afraid to leave my house at night

I’m paranoid.

If you speak your mind and express your opinions

You’re assertive

If I speak my mind and express my opinions

I’m aggressive.

If you don’t like something and mention it

You’re being honest

If I don’t like something and mention it

I’m being difficult.

If you get angry

You’re considered upset

If I get angry

I’m considered dangerous.

If you over-react to something

You’re sensitive

If I over-react to something

I’m out of control

.If you don’t want to be around others

You’re taking care of yourself and relaxing

If I don’t want to be around others

I’m isolating myself and avoiding.

If you talk to strangers

You’re being friendly

If I talk to strangers

I’m being inappropriate.

For all of the above you’re not told to take a Pill

or are not hospitalized, BUT I AM.

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