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Celebrating a Decade of Transforming Brains: The Journey of Harmonized Brain Centers

Harmonized Brain Centers
Harmonized Brain Centers

This November 2023 marks a significant milestone in our journey at Harmonized Brain Centers. We are celebrating a decade of transforming disordered and underperforming brains into harmonized, high-performing ones. It's been a journey of immense learning and growth, and we're incredibly proud of the strides we've made and the people we have helped.

Our story began in 2003, in the wake of a family tragedy. Our son, Austin, was struck in the head with a baseball, landing him in a coma for two and a half months. When he awoke and underwent rehab, he returned home in a wheelchair, grappling with cognitive, social, and motor skill issues. As parents, the harsh reality of our son's condition was a stark adjustment. But we refused to accept that Austin wouldn't improve. We just had to figure out how.

That traumatic accident was the genesis of our exploration into brain improvement. We firmly believed in the brain's ability to change and adapt if given the right environment and tools. Through rigorous therapies and relentless hard work, Austin proved us right. He graduated from high school with his peers, boasting a 3.2 GPA and even taking some honors classes. His journey was a testament to the brain's ability to change and adapt.

In 2012, we moved from SW Florida to Colorado Springs. It was here that we were introduced to LENS neurofeedback. This technology enabled us to see more changes in Austin, a decade after his accident. Inspired by the profound impact, we received LENS treatments ourselves, eventually becoming licensed and certified to practice LENS neurofeedback.

We opened the doors of Harmonized Brain Centers in November 2013. Since then, we've been committed to using proven, drug-free, non-invasive, safe, and effective care to help people of all ages (ranging from 2-95) achieve better brain function. Our methods have transformed countless lives, turning underperforming brains into high-performing ones.

Reflecting on the past decade, we're filled with immense pride and gratitude. We've encountered twists and turns, but they've only made us more resilient. The stories of transformation we've witnessed are endless - each one a testament to the potential of the human brain.

As we celebrate this milestone, we extend our heartfelt thanks to every individual who trusted us with their journey to optimal brain health. Your successes have shaped our story and fueled our passion for the work we do. Here's to another decade of helping people realize their brain's fullest potential, one harmonized brain at a time.

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