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What is Brain Health?

Friends and Exercise
Friends and Exercise

Brain health is a term used to refer to the overall wellbeing of an individual's brain. It involves being aware of and taking steps to maintain or improve one's mental health, emotional stability, cognitive functioning, and spiritual life. A healthy brain functions more efficiently, leading to better overall physical health and an improved emotional outlook.

Good brain health has been linked to increased concentration, problem-solving abilities, creativity, memory recall, mood regulation, and decision-making power. It can also affect our physiology, such as regulating sleep patterns and appetite levels. In addition, having a healthy brain allows us to experience greater levels of happiness through enhanced connections with others and meaningful activities that bring purpose into our lives.

Taking proactive steps toward improving our brain health can have a positive effect on all aspects of our lives. This includes engaging in healthy lifestyle habits, such as eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, and getting enough sleep. Additionally, finding activities that bring joy and purpose into our daily lives is important for overall well-being and brain health.

Lastly, taking time to relax and practice self-care can help reduce stress levels, allowing us to be more present and in tune with our thoughts and feelings. With the right combination of habits and practices, we can create a healthier environment for our brains, leading to improved physical health, emotional balance and spiritual growth.

An Underperforming Brain

It is important to understand both the functions of a healthy brain and the signs of an underperforming brain. This knowledge can help us identify areas that require improvement. An underperforming brain may exhibit cognitive impairment, mood disorders, memory loss, neurological disorders, brain dysfunction, brain atrophy (cell death in the brain), cognitive decline, and other symptoms.

Have you ever wondered how to improve your brain function or enhance your cognitive abilities? At Harmonized Brain Centers, we specialize in transforming unfocused, chaotic, and underperforming brains into harmonized brains that reach their peak performance. Our care approach is proven, drug-free, safe, and effective.

We specialize in LENS Neurofeedback, Brain Health Supplements, Low-Level Light Therapy, and Brain Health Coaching to help you achieve a harmonized brain. We also recognize to achieve optimal brain health there are other things you can do to increase your brain function which are listed below.

LENS Neurofeedback: A Unique Approach to Brain Health

LENS Neurofeedback
LENS Neurofeedback

LENS Neurofeedback is unique from other types of neurofeedback because it allows the brain to self-regulate and adjust to a healthier pattern. The best part? You don’t have to do anything during the session for it to work. In just 12 sessions, you will likely see positive changes in your brain map along with a reduction of symptoms.

During a LENS Therapy session, our Brain Health Specialist takes an EEG (electroencephalogram) while you sit comfortably in a chair. The energy used is about ten thousand times less intense than a watch battery, yet it is highly specific and targeted to YOUR brain. LENS Neurofeedback is the fastest neurofeedback system on the market and is safe and effective.

Supplements for Brain Health: Fuel for Optimal Brain Function

Brain health supplements provide essential nutrients and compounds that support optimal brain function, cognitive abilities, and overall mental well-being. These supplements can enhance memory, focus, and clarity, while also promoting neuroplasticity and protecting the brain from age-related decline.

  • Our NRF2 supplements activate the production of antioxidants on a million-to-one ratio, thereby reducing your oxidative stress by 30% in just 30 days.

  • Our NRF1 supplements activate your energy production parts of your cells (mitochondria) to produce more energy throughout your body.

  • Our Pro and Pre biotics give your gut the essential ingredients to create and maintain a healthy gut.

  • Our energy drink gives your brain the nutrients to support a healthy brain while activating your system for more energy

Physical Vascular Therapy: Boosting Blood Flow and Energy for Better Brain Health

Physical Vascular Therapy improves the blood flow and oxygen uptake throughout your entire body, especially in your capillaries and blood vessels. From a brain perspective, the more blood flow to your brain the more nutrients it receives while the oxygen takes out the toxins in the brain. In just an 8-minute session, your blood flow and oxygen uptake will increase by 40%.

Low-Level Light Therapy: Boosting the Healing Process

Low-Level Light Therapy generates more energy and blood flow to your blood vessels, resulting in a cascade of healing. It is easy to apply and works on the infra and near infra-red light frequencies that have both healing and therapeutic aspects to it. These lights can help reduce inflammation, calm the nervous system, and increase flood flow.

Brain Health Coaching: Mentoring Your Mind

Our Brain Health Specialists foster a safe environment for you to gain perspective, boost self-confidence, and help you find your fullest potential by tapping into your changed brain! They will use all of the above care to help create the best environment for your brain to function.

Our 12 Best Brain Practices

believe that you can improve your brain even if you have experienced a traumatic brain injury, suffer from severe or mild cognitive impairment, or other neurological disorders. Here are some ways to improve your brain.

Believe, You Can Change Your Brain

With over 100 billion connections and a faster processing speed than any supercomputer known today, our brain is a phenomenal control center that allows us the most incredible superpower we possess: Our ability to change. At the Harmonized Brain Centers, our goal is to help you create the best environment for your brain to operate and change. This may sound trivial but your belief on this matter is vitally important.

Gut Health: The Second Brain

Eat as healthy as you can
Eat as healthy as you can

The gut is known as the second brain with over a trillion cells making up the gut biome. Creating a healthy gut biome will have a positive effect on how your brain functions. Eating healthy or at least healthier will give your body and brain the nutrients it needs to function at its peak. A healthy gut will allow you to achieve your BEST BRAIN EVER!

Physical and Mental Exercise: The Brain’s Gym

Exercise is good for the Brain
Physical Exercise is good for the Brain

Engaging in physical and mental exercise is essential for optimal brain function.

By making physical activity a regular part of your routine, you can boost neurotransmitter levels, promote oxygen flow, strengthen muscles, and even enhance your appearance. Additionally, exercising is known to prevent depression.

As with any other muscle, your brain also grows stronger with more usage. As the old saying goes, if you don't use it, you'll lose it. To maintain a sharp mind, try exploring new things, reading books, writing stories, or creating something new.

Hydration: Fuel for the Brain

Drink your Water
Drink Your Water

Your brain is made up of 75% water, so the need to keep well hydrated is extremely important. Learning to make the simple act of drinking water a daily habit can greatly improve your brain function! This might seem simple and trivial but drinking water is vital for your brain.

Sleep: The Brain’s Cleaning Schedule

When we are sleeping, the brain is actually physiologically cleaning itself and reorganizing. Think about it. If someone does not get good sleep over a prolonged period when does the brain get cleaned? Poor sleep has been attributed to many negative health conditions and neurodegenerative diseases like alzheimer's disease. A consistent sleep pattern of 8 to 10 hours a day is healthy and necessary for good brain function in the short and long term.

Faith: The Spiritual Connection to Brain Health

How we connect to our spirituality can make a huge difference in growth and wellness in spite of our pain and an underperforming brain. Unfortunately, we are all going to suffer at some point in our life and if we do not have a strong faith component in our life, then the suffering can overwhelm us causing many neurological disorders that may lead to neurological diseases. Strengthening your faith will help you achieve your BEST BRAIN EVER!

Self-Talk: The Internal Dialogue That Shapes Your Brain

You know that what you tell yourself can have an impact on how your brain works? Basically, our cognitive health is based on a network of brain connections that are formed by our thoughts, emotions, movements, and even spoken words. These connections get stronger over time, and the strongest ones are the most influential when we need them the most. So, if we grew up in a negative environment and developed negative thinking habits, that's what will dominate our brain function. However, we can change our brain function by changing our self-talk and re-wiring our neural networks.

Choosing Company: The Social Aspect of Brain Health

It is important to build friendships with individuals who share similar morals, values, and ideals, as it contributes significantly to one's mental health and brain function. Social interaction is a crucial aspect of a healthy life and mind. The well-known saying that predicts our future based on our current circle of friends holds true, and we need friends who can support us through thick and thin. Expressing our emotions and feelings to a close friend can enhance our cognitive function.

Proper Breathing: The Power of Oxygen

You can improve your mental and physical health through proper breathing techniques. These techniques can reduce stress and anxiety, increase focus and energy levels, and promote overall brain health. It's recommended to breathe through the nose instead of the mouth, as the nasal cavity helps to slow down breathing, filter the air, and provide optimal oxygen intake for the lungs and brain.

Choosing Your Strategies: The Path to Your Best Brain

Recognizing the problem and the willingness to work toward a solution is key to success. In our office, we provide a multi-modality approach to help you achieve your BEST BRAIN EVER; however, we know that changing your brain can be a complex matter. There are other types of care that can change the human brain such as chiropractic, massage, EMDR, counseling, brain integration therapy, neurological vision therapy and much more.

Harmonized Brain Centers believes that regardless of whether you are at high or low risk of neurological issues, or have experienced a traumatic brain injury or other disorder, improving your brain health is possible by creating a supportive environment.

It is easy to get started with us: Click Here to Contact Us

  1. Come in for a consultation and brain mapping

  2. Schedule your 12-session brain wellness plan

  3. Live life with a harmonized brain

With a decade of experience and over 100,000 successful sessions, our clients have overcome many obstacles and challenges while achieving their best brain ever.

Don't let a struggling brain hold you back. Harmonize your Brain, Harmonize your Life.

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