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(Low Energy Neurofeedback Systems)

LENS Neurofeedback Explained

LENS Neurofeedback (Low Energy Neurofeedback System) is a type of microcurrent neurofeedback whereby we read and help the brain self-regulate its brainwaves.  LENS was developed in the early 1990's by Len Ochs, PhD (Ochslabs.com) after working with traditional neurofeedback.  We have found LENS Neurofeedback to be the most affordable, effective and efficient neurofeedback system on the market.  Basically, LENS reads the brainwaves through an EEG (Electroencephalogram) and then mimics the dominant frequency for each site.  Once the dominant frequency is identified, LENS replicates this frequency and sends the signal back to the brain with an offset.  The energy we use is about 10,000 times less intense than holding a cell phone to your head.  Even with this low energy, the brain responds by self-regulating and working more efficiently.

What to Expect in a LENS Neurofeedback Session

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In our offices, you’ll sit in a comfortable chair and just three very small sensors are placed: two on your ears and one is moved to different areas of your head. The sensor is placed on different parts of your head for just a few short seconds while we read your brainwaves (a raw EEG) and then we resend a low energy impulse back to the brain (less energy than a digital watch or a cell phone!). On your first visit we will try to do a 21 site Brain Map. At subsequent visits we concentrate on seven different sites, so by the fourth visit we can compare your progress to the first Brain Map we did.  In the recommended 10 to 12 sessions we will create 3 to 4 maps so we can compare the trends we see in the maps to your increase in functionality.  

How Long do Sessions Last?


The first session lasts about 45 minutes, subsequent ones no more than half an hour.  The signal we send out alerts the brainwaves to new stimulation, and redirects them to return to a more normal state. Through this simple method, the brain begins to quiet brainwaves associated with low performance and increase those associated with optimal brain function.   During treatment,  you can see what’s happening on the large TV screen right in front of you!

Pain Free Treatment

There is no pain involved at all; occasionally, some people may feel a a slight tingling sensation or a pressure/energy  wave move through them but most just feel calm and relaxed; often, even feeling like a nap would be in good order.

What to Expect After Treatment

We ask clients to be more self aware 24 to 48 hours after a treatment to recognize any positive or not so positive changes such as a slight head ache, more or less anxiety, more or less light, sound, or touch sensitivity and the like.


Many clients start to see results after the very first session, while most start to see significant changes within three to four sessions. How long you continue with the sessions is based on how quickly your brain waves shift to their new pattern. We recommend planning on 10 to 12 sessions; although, that can change based on your personal experience.

What's Next

It's easy to get started with us:

1. Schedule a consultation and brain mapping,

2. Enroll in our 12 session brain health program 

3. Live a happy, healthy harmonized life.

Harmonize Your Brain, Harmonize Your Life!

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