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Why Enhance Blood Flow Therapy?

Simply put, Physical Vascular Therapy is a method to help increase blood flow and oxygen uptake in the body.  At Harmonized Brain Centers we believe in an integrated approach to helping brain function improve and increasing blood flow and oxygen to the brain helps the brain heal and work more efficiently.  With over 100 Trillion cells within each and every human being, blood flow and oxygen are vital to our well being and brain health.  Our blood not only takes nutrients to our cells, but just as importantly, it takes the wastes products away.  When we think of our circulatory system, most of the time we think of our heart, veins and

arteries, but we seldom think of our capillaries / micro-vessels, which account for 74% of our circulatory system.  (to learn more visit https://www.bmruniversity.com/whatisbemer/

Depression Therapy Colorado Springs

What to Expect

You will sit in a comfy recliner on a PEMF mat for eight minutes, sometimes longer if we do a second round.  You can either watch soothing scenes on a TV and listen to some relaxing music or you can just close your eyes and relax during the session.

What Will I Feel?

capillaries photo abstract

Most clients will not feel anything during the session; however, some clients will feel a tingling sensation, a warming sensation or just feel relaxed with the down time in a relaxing chair.

How Long Do the Benefits Last?

Typically the benefits will last from 12 to 14 hours and the benefits are cumulative.  Ideally,  using this device twice daily would generate the best and longer-lasting results; however, in our office setting 2 to 3 visits per week or after a LENS Neurofeedback session seems to work best for our clients.


Increasing blood flow and oxygen uptake for our clients has proven to help our clients increase their brain's efficiency and effectiveness to function at an optimal level. 

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