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Colorado Springs, Colorado

Don't Struggle Anymore!

Living with a foggy, unfocused and low performing brain SUCKS!
Life does not have to be so overwhelming and difficult.
Ignoring a poor performing brain can leave you feeling unfulfilled and stuck in a hopeless rut.
We empower you to achieve your Best Brain Ever filled with hope, focus and clarity.
Harmonize your Brain, Harmonize your Life!

Martha T (mom), CO

"My son began to struggle in school and at home.  We were told his concussion symptoms would clear but our situation grew desperate.  We are thankful we found the Harmonized Brain Centers for their help!  I have my son back doing well in school and at home."
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John J, CO

"I was skeptical about seeking help but my stress was overwhelming, my marriage was on the ropes, my career is demanding and I felt hopeless.  After a couple of sessions I began to feel alive and motivated again.  I still don't know what they did but it sure worked."
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Lisa M, TN

"After my auto accident the doctors told me my life would be limited from the fractured neck, head injury and being tired all the time.  I did not like the doctors response and have sought other types of care at Harmonized Brain Centers.  Everyone is surprised at my recovery and new found stamina."

How our 12 session Brain Wellness Program works


LENS Neurofeedback






Physical Vascular Therapy


Low Level Laser Therapy 

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Brain Health Coaching


Harmonize your Brain, Harmonize your Life
3 Easy Steps


Schedule a consultation and brain mapping


Join in our 12 session Brain Health Program


Enjoy a harmonized brain and life

You can change your BRAIN!

Living with a noisy, chaotic and low-performing brain can be overwhelming and frustrating, often leading to a decline in the ability to function in many areas of our lives. At Harmonized Brain Centers, we understand how debilitating this can be and offer a proven approach to help you achieve a harmonized brain.  Our proven, drug-free, and affordable care is safe and effective in restoring your brain function.

Ignoring a poor performing brain could leave you feeling unfulfilled and stuck in a hopeless rut.  We understand your struggles and after a decade of service and 100,000 sessions, our clients have become empowered with their harmonized brain.  They are able to overcome obstacles and face challenges with a renewed sense of hope, better brain function, and a clear plan for their future. Choose the journey to a better life with our help.

It's easy to schedule an appointment with one of our five offices in Colorado and Tennessee. Don't let a struggling brain hold you back from living your best life. Contact us today and experience the benefits of our effective and safe brain health services.

How We Help You

How We Help You

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