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Brain Fog
Autism Spectrum Disorder
Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Our Treatments are:

  • Non Invasive

  • Drug Free

  • Suitable for toddlers to elderly

  • Quick Sessions

  • No Pain, Long Lasting

  • Fast Results

  • Affordable


Barb has been a caregiver for many years and the stress and anxiety of her tasks at hand had taken their toll.  Even though all the situations have not changed, Barb's anxiety and stress levels are at manageable levels.

Services We provide

LENS Neurofeedback (Low Energy Neurofeedback)

Proven, state of the art technology used at over 1,000 locations Worldwide that help to rebalance and get your brain working normally.  Learn More

Low Level Laser Therapy (Photon Stimulator)

Aches? Pains? Joint stiffness? This amazing hand held device helps stimulate the recovery process at the cellular level. It also helps relax the brain for neurofeedback application.  Learn More

Psychotherapy Education and Coaching

Alongside your LENS Neurofeedback sessions we’ll work with you help make the changes easy to understand and make permanent.  Learn More

Detox Therapy

Our bodies hold onto toxins, especially heavy metals, and sometimes we need help in releasing and detoxing from them. Our detox therapy is safe, affordable and lasting.  Learn More