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ADHD and Children

ADHD does not have to be the norm

ADHD / ADD no problem. At the Harmonized Brain Centers our clients are having amazing results calming their brains and lessening or eliminating the symptoms of ADHD / ADD and other neurological inefficiencies.

Children and teenagers with ADHD and ADD often struggle with far more complex problems than just having lack of attention or being more energetic than those around them. They often have to deal with the challenges of keeping track of their things, doing their homework, or even remembering to bring it home in the first place. They struggle to complete tasks given to them and then do not understand when they are held accountable to not finishing things they are asked to do. Impulsivity is often present, which leads kids to be defiant or to argue when they are presented with consequences for their choices.

Children with ADHD and ADD tend to get over stimulated easily which in turn makes them over reactive to situations with little thought to what they are saying or doing. All of these problems can make it hard to maintain relationships with friends and can make it difficult for them at school and at home. They are often judged by their actions rather than by the true intellect or personality that they have.

Occasionally, there can be sensory difficulties lying behind concentration difficulties. LENS Neurofeedback Therapy helps re-train these sensory skills that may have been missing or incomplete in early brain development – often with far-reaching consequences.

Low Energy Neurofeedback Therapy (LENS Neurofeedback)

Low Energy Neurofeedback Therapy has an excellent track record for redirecting those brainwaves into a more efficient and effective way, allowing children and adults to feel more focused and attentive to details that they couldn’t do before.

Low Energy Neurofeedback is a non-invasive, non- chemical approach to helping calm the brain down, allowing it to work more effectively and in a more organized way. Through a series of quick, painless treatments, both kids and adults alike can find better focus, attention and control in their daily lives and tasks.

LENS Neurofeedback is rated level 1 ‘best practice’ intervention for ADHD by Practicewise (the research body of the American Pediatric Association). www.ochslabs.com

Check out this short video: https://youtu.be/B61nix_3YmQ

For more information about Harmonized Brain Centers and LENS Treatment, call our Colorado Springs office at 719-661-6422 or our Nashville office at 615-331-8762.

We Believe A Harmonized Brain Equals A Harmonized Life.

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