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Anger to Depression

Anger to depression is a common sequence after an auto accident. During an auto accident there can be broken bones, bruising, whip lash, visual issues, and last but not least cognitive or processing issues. Many times the cognitive or processing issues are overlooked because nothing seems to be broken or bleeding; however, these issues become much more pronounced and clients can begin the process from Anger to Depression.

Jenna P, one of our clients, experienced this common situation after her accident. After just a few sessions, her brain began to self-regulate and she began to function normally. Here is her testimony:

Why did you seek help at Harmonized Brain Centers?

I sought out help at Harmonized Brain Centers when I suddenly started experiencing panic attacks and explosive anger. Afterward I remembered hearing about LENS from Shelly while attending a brain injury support group that I was participating in.

What were your symptoms before coming to Harmonized Brain Centers? ADD/ADHD, depression, concussion, TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) anxiety, brain fog, lack of concentration, processing information issues, explosive anger, or others. My symptoms before coming to Harmonized Brain Centers were a delayed onset concussion and depression, anxiety, unexplained anger and panic attacks as a result of child sexual abuse.How are you doing after treatment at Harmonized Brain Centers? I am doing Amazing after my treatment at Harmonized Brain Centers. After the first treatment the anger went away and I have not had another panic attack like I did either. I am able to manage the anxiety and depression in a way I never would have imagined possible.What is the biggest change in your life after experiencing treatment at Harmonized Brain Centers? The biggest change in my life is being able to cope much better with all that life still throws my way. Where I would be knocked down for days in a deep depression, I now only feel a minor disruption in my life.

Jenna R

At the Harmonized Brain Centers we specialize in using LENS (Low Energy Neurofeedback System) therapy as we have found it works very well with concussed clients. Developed in the early 1990’s by Len Ochs out of California, LENS has help millions of clients around the world as it has proven to be safe, effective and efficient for our clients and practitioners.

If you have had a concussion (recently or in the distant past) and are suffering from Anger, Depression, Anxiety, lack of focus, lack of sleep, irritability, or other symptoms and have not found relief please give us a call as we may be able to help at one of our three offices.

Colorado Springs, CO 719-661-6422

Nashville, TN 615-331-8762

Denver, CO 719-661-6422

We Believe

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