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Brain differences in ADHD

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

there are brain differences with ADHD
Different parts of the brain control different functions

There are differences in the ADHD brain. These anomalies are also described in the article “Brain Differences in ADHD” as the brains of children with ADHD differ from those who do not have the condition. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) shows that there are structural differences in the brains of children with ADHD. Overall their brains are 3-4% smaller and those “with more severe ADHD symptoms had smaller frontal lobes, temporal grey matter, caudate nucleus, and cerebellum. These brain regions are involved in concentration, impulse control, inhibition, and motor activity, which are all problem areas for children with ADHD. “ DTI or diffusion tensor imaging is a new technique that looks at white matter in more detail. When children with ADHD are studied, abnormalities were found in the fiber pathways “in the frontal cortex, basal ganglia, brain stem, and cerebellum” which relates back to the behavior issues of impulsiveness, inattention and inhibition. These brain circuits are potentially altered in those with ADHD as studies are suggesting which then explains challenges with “regulating attention, behavior, and learning. LENS Neurofeedback treats three areas in the right frontal cortex of the brain which directly influence and

Brain functions we use at the Harmonized Brain Centers
Brain function map used with Neurofeedback

help the brain self regulate and lessen the symptoms of ADHD. Fp2 affects judgement, restraint and impulses, F8 affects emotional expression, anger, joy, and happiness. F4 influences motor planning.

Utilizing LENS Neurofeedback in conjunction with nutrition and lifestyle adjustments, the brain despite physical differences, can change and function on an improved level. Studies show that with neuroplasticity our brains can form new neural pathways, circumventing the places of dysfunction allowing for individuals to be able to live a better life.

Research is continuing to show how the brain can change and how different dysfunctions can improve given the proper environment. Even when we find brain differences in ADHD, we can help. Give us a call at one of our offices.

For a look at the complete article click here.

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