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Brain Function Map

At the Harmonized Brain Centers we use the following Brain Function Map to display the areas of the brain and their corresponding functions. Granted the brain is a lot more complicated than can be placed on a single sheet of paper but the general idea that the brain has different functional Brain Function Map areas is conceptualized in this illustration. This Brain

Function Map corresponds to the internationally recognized 10-20 system all neurofeedback providers use. It has 21 sites depicting the different functional areas. This is not meant to be a complete list or all the functional areas displayed. If you would like more information click the following link to see the Brodmann Areas of the Brain which is a much more detailed listing.

The concept behind LENS Neurofeedback (Low Energy Neurofeedback System) is to help the brain communicate more efficiently and effectively between each area of the Brain Function Map. As we treat with LENS, the electrical brain wave activity is monitored, recorded and displayed to help us determine which areas are running efficiently and effectively. The LENS map also shows which areas have flexibility and which areas are stuck (commonly called suppressed sites). We do not use LENS maps as diagnostic tools but over a series of treatments (recommended 10) we typically can look at three complete maps and see the trends in how the brain is responding. With maps along with other monitoring techniques we can tell how the brain is responding to the LENS treatment by correlating the maps to the Brain Function Map.

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