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Exercise your Brain!

Harmonized Brain Rules - Exercise your brain
Exercise your brain

The brain is so fascinating. It is responsible for not only our physical movements but also our personality, memories, intelligence, blood pressure, how we perceive the world around us, our sleep patterns, how we feel, our hearing, and on and on. Intuitively we know this yet I would venture to say that most of us do not think about our brain and how it relates to our everyday lives.

The most popular topics in blog posts, social media feeds, and where we spend billions of dollars is on exercise and nutrition, but do we ever consider the health of our brains? The proper care and development of your brain are just as important as the health of your body, especially into your later years!


Scientists are now understanding that the brain is not a fixed/static organ, but one that is constantly in a state of change. This is referred as brain plasticity or neuroplasticity. The neurons in your brain evolve in response to environmental stimuli, thoughts, emotions, illness, stresses, and injury. The brain is capable of overcoming addictions, depression, trauma and much more. It is quite amazing to consider. The brain is more than “right and left brain”, and according to an article on Mercola.com, “research suggests that your brain is far more vast and interconnected than just a [right brain/left brain philosophy].” You can strengthen the connections in your brain, repair damage, and grow new connections.


It really is exciting to think that we can actually change our brain! So what are some ways to keep our brains healthy and active?

Exercise Your Brain: Get out and MOVE. Whether it’s walking, yoga, swimming…just move.

Use your imagination: Imagination actually produces brain changes so don’t hesitate to find a quiet spot and daydream for awhile.

Puzzles Photography Reading: Find books on a new topic and quiz yourself.

Meditation: Whether you are focusing on scripture, breathing, calming your mind – whatever it is, the act of sitting absolutely still and focusing your thoughts is very good for your brain health.Rest/Reduce

Stress Brain games: Websites such as Lumosity and Happify offer games to keep your brain engaged.

Learn a new language: If your are a parent or grandparent that might just be learning how teenagers talk.

Laughter: There are so many physical and mental benefits to laughing – so get out there and find something to laugh about!

Certainly, this is not a complete list but gives you a few ideas. No matter what you choose to do make sure you are challenging your brain. Find new activities that require your brain to be engaged. Be interested in the details. The task should be meaningful or interesting enough to hold your attention. Avoid something that is easy and puts your brain on auto-pilot.

Next time you make plans to exercise your body, also add in time to exercise your brain. Instead of watching TV every night, consider setting aside an evening or two to start a new hobby, read a book, or any other activity that will stimulate your brain!

If you are interested in how we can stimulate (exercise) your brain give one of our offices a call.

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