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Gratitude can help you achieve your Best Brain Ever!

Updated: May 26, 2023

Gratitude can help
Gratitude can help

In 2008 a study measured the brain activity of people thinking and feeling gratitude. What they found was "that gratitude causes synchronized activation in multiple brain functional areas and lights up parts of the brain’s reward pathways and the hypothalamus. In short, gratitude can boost neurotransmitter serotonin and activate the brain stem to produce dopamine." Dopamine is our feel good neurotransmitter and the brain's pleasure chemical. The more we think positive, grateful thoughts, the healthier and happier we feel. Thanks to the flexibility or plasticity of the brain, positive thinking can become a way of life. When your brain is flushed with positive thoughts, you can expect to improve every area of your life, including your physical, emotional, spiritual, behavioral, intellectual health and you will be more likely to achieve your dreams and goals, and beyond. Ways to increase your Gratitude Reprogramming the brain for a more positive outlook takes practice. Here are some family-friendly ways to practice gratitude that are perfect for kids and adults tend to see the world with an ungrateful heart.

  • Write daily in a gratitude journal.

  • Listen daily to positive affirmations.

  • Practice meditation and stillness.

  • Give gratitude to others. (i.e. "I am grateful for your help.")

  • Read or listen to books on gratefulness such as “What to Say When you Talk to Yourself”.

  • Surround yourself with positive people going in the direction you want to go.

Make it a habit to set aside a block of time each day to go over these gratitude practices and take note of the changes you see. With daily practice, pessimism can turn to optimism thanks to the neuroplasticity of the brain.

gratitude can help your brain
gratitude can help your brain

At the Harmonized Brain Centers our passion is to help our clients achieve their BEST BRAIN EVER! Practicing gratitude is one our 12 Best Brain Practices the best part is that it only takes you to start practicing your gratefulness.

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