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Harmonized Brain Rule #1

If you are doing something that is hurting your Brain, STOP!

Harmonized Brain Rule #1
If you are doing something to hurt your brain... STOP!

We only have one brain and as far as I know we cannot replace it or lose it like other major organs in our bodies. Our brains are very flexible and can adapt, adjust and compensate for situations or damage that is done physically or emotionally and this is the dilemma: If we keep damaging our brains there will be a point that it cannot recover, adjust or compensate without diminished emotional or physical problems.

So….. Harmonized Brain Rule #1 rule is “STOP doing something that knowingly is harming your brain”. This can be from physical activity that causes multiple bumps to the head. Dr. Bennet Omalou (featured in the movie “Concussion”) brought this concept to light after performing many autopsies on professional football players. After many hits to the head he correlated many decreased emotional and physical functions for

these players. If we saw a child banging their head against a wall, what would be the first thing we would have them do? Hopefully, we would stop them from this destructive activity.

Emotional trauma can also be harmful to the brain. A lot of times are brains cannot tell the difference between an emotional trauma or physical trauma. The brain can react the same with diminished functions. This can be observed with PTSD (post traumatic stress ) which is best defined by having a traumatic event happen in one’s life and the brain is not able to process through the event or events. The brain gets stuck in this trauma (fight or flight) mode which is not healthy in the long run. Many clients can be triggered by current events that in normal situations are insignificant but the brain and body respond as if the traumatic event occurred again and again. Being stuck in this traumatic state does not allow someone to function normally as they can become anxious, depressed, isolated, antisocial and exhibit other dysfunctional behaviors.

Prolonged use of legal, illegal, natural or synthetic substances can decrease one’s brain function with decreased physical and emotional problems. If someone has had too much to drink their speech can be slurred, motor skills are hampered, decision making is impaired and many other dysfunctions can occur. In the short term this usually is not a major problem as the brain and body can recover relatively quickly but a prolonged use can begin to make fundamental and functional dysfunctions in the brain. Dr. Daniel Amen (from the Amen Clinics) has performed thousands of Spec Scans depicting the brain on various drugs and from various injuries. Just because it is legal does not necessarily make it beneficial especially to the brain.

At the Harmonized Brain Centers we help clients that have damaged their brain knowingly and by accident. We have found that the brain and body have a great way of healing itself if we create the proper environment. LENS Neurofeedback (Low Energy Neurofeedback System) is a fast, effective and efficient tool to help the brain recover from any neurological conditions. But we still strongly encourage clients to follow Harmonized Brain Rule #1 – If you are doing something that is hurting your brain, STOP!

Call one of our offices if you have any questions.

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