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How Stressed are you?

At the Harmonized Brain Centers we have found that stress especially long term stress will affect our clients in a negative way. There are over 200 diseases directly correlated to long term stress! So what is your stress level on a scale of one to ten. The human body can endure a lot of stress and we can survive but at a cost somewhere. Stress will effect our emotional state, cognitive performance, our spiritual status, our intellect, our cellular health and more.

Imagine if you and your family were on a nice hike with a picnic lunch having a great time and then out of the left corner or your eye you saw a large tan animal dart across the path. Your first thought is a “Mountain Lion”… OMG. Physiologically your heart rate would increase, your blood pressure would increase, your eyes would become hyper focused, your digestive system would shut down, your breathing would quicken and many other physiological things would occur. This is your typical fight, flight or freeze mode. This is a normal stressful process; however, what if your body cannot regulate back down to a normal level. Not only your physiology is affected but could you at that moment write a loving letter to a close friend? Could you sit down and do your taxes? Could you read a book and contemplate the deeper elements of life? Or could you enjoy your picnic lunch? The answer to these questions is “NO” which is normal. The problem is when we cannot regulate back down after a stressful situation or this heightened stress level becomes the norm. A stressful situation especially over a long period of time will not only affect our physiology but it will impact our emotions, cognitive performance, our spirituality, our intellect and even our cellular functionality.

When we produce more oxidants than anti-oxidants, this difference is called oxidative stress. Biochemically throughout our body and neurologically throughout our brain oxidative stress has negative affects on how our body and brain operates in normal fashion, with aging, inflammation, our immune system and more. When you cut an apple and leave it on your counter for a few minutes and the cut pieces turn brown, this is oxidative stress and in essence this is what occurs in each and every cell in our body especially when we are stressed.

Stress can be a silent killer and will make us age faster. At the Harmonized Brain Centers our passion is to help our clients reduce their stress from the inside and out. We use LENS Neurofeedback, Nutrigenomics, Physical Vascular Therapy, Low Light Laser Therapy and much more. All of our care is Drug Free, Non-Invasive, Safe, Effective, and Affordable.

Reducing your stress load from the outside and inside will help you achieve your BEST BRAIN EVER!

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