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TBI's do not have to be devastating

Dr. Jane Topolovec-Vranic, a clinical researcher in the hospital’s Neuroscience Research Program, was published in the journal CMAJ Open and she hit the preverbial nail on the head. Just because someone has had a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) does not mean they are going to be homeless but her research clearly

indicates that the majority of homeless men have suffered a TBI prior to their homelessness. If you know of anyone who has suffered a TBI or a serious concussion and you notice a change in their behavior, we can help at the Harmonized Brain Centers as we specialize in helping the brain self-regulate by using start of the art equipment and a serious dose of common sense. TBI and the Homeless go hand in hand and we can help.

We believe a Harmonized Brain Equals a Harmonized Life.


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