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Why do I get so tired after my concussion?

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

Before my concussion, I was able to work all day and keep my personal life together. Now, I can barely get my work done on time and all I want to do is sleep when I get home. Why, I ask? My concussion was not that severe and it happened six months ago. We have heard this story over and over again at Harmonized Brain Centers.

Your brain is only about 2.5% the mass of your body but consumes over 20% of your oxygen. One of the biggest damaging effects of concussion is that it creates a lack of oxygen in the brain causing it to work harder just doing the basics. When we do routine activities the brain becomes tired and then exhaustion sets in by adding more challenging activities; thus, disrupting your daily life.

This lack of oxygen starts the storm of fatigue, lack of focus, headaches, brain fog, lack of motivation and on and on and on. With time, you start healing and regaining your ability to get back to life but your brain has only compensated for the injury and is not working efficiently. You might even be cleared by your doctor to return to action but you still struggle.

Often, the problem is a storm still spinning inside. It’s not evident until there is a challenge. That challenge can be stress, a work deadline, another injury, bright lights, medium to loud music or many other (used to be) normal activities or events. The healing process in the brain can take a long time after a concussion even when all the external physical wounds have healed. Don’t be dismayed, there is hope to speed the brain healing process- IF the proper interventions are chosen.

At Harmonized Brain Centers, we use an integrated approach to help the brain get more

blood flow and oxygen after a concussion by using a physical vascular devise called the BEMER and using Low Light Laser Therapy. Both of these methods have been scientifically proven to increase blood flow and oxygen uptake in a short eight minute session. We also employ the use of Nutrigenomics to help the brain reduce oxidative stress and increase cellular energy by activating our DNA at the cellular level.

Our signature therapy is LENS Neurofeedback and it helps our brains self-regulate the electrical activity inside our brain. Our integrated methods can help right after a concussion or if years have passed since the injury. All of our methods are safe, non-invasive, effective and efficient.

If you have had a concussion, please do not suffer any longer. Give us a call we would love to help you at one of our offices in Colorado Springs, CO, Nashville, TN or Denver, CO.

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