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A frantic and frustrated mom!

Updated: May 26, 2023

You do not have to be a Frantic and Frustrated Mom
A Frantic and Frustrated Mom

A frantic and frustrated mom came into our office with her 9-year-old son who seemed out of control and overwhelmed. He could not follow simple directions, would lash out at his parents, siblings and teachers, would isolate himself in his room, was unable to maintain friendships and was extremely sensitive to touch and sounds. Yet he was extremely intelligent and perceptive. His potential was being stifled by his inappropriate behaviors and inefficient processing.

The mom was at her wits end when they came for their free consultation. In the past, medications did not work and only suppressed his behavior and the side effects were unacceptable. After we explained our drug free and non-invasive care the mom was relieved and decided to work with us through our 12 week program. Even though his child was not officially diagnosed on the spectrum, it would be hard to argue that he did not display ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) behaviors and processing issues.

We were able to complete our mapping with LENS neurofeedback and found his brain stuck with low energy, was inflexible and with parts of his brain processing slowly. He was reluctant to sit in our chair to receive the non-participatory treatment but after just three sessions his reluctance went away. His mom, dad, and teachers observed that his processing improved and he was less volatile and was becoming pleasant to be around.

His parents were willing to take full advantage of our care while coming to our office and at home. Our BEMER sessions increased blood flow and oxygen uptake calming his neurological and physiological systems along with our Low Level Light therapy. Mom also had her son take our nutrigenomics to de-stress his body on a cellular level and increase his cellular energy along with using our Axio drink mix for added brain food.

The good news is that this 9 year old who is now 12, is functioning well at home, school and in life. He is able to participate in social situations and does not get overwhelmed, and even has some friends that he has been able to stay for an overnight adventure. We cannot wait to see what this child will accomplish given his intelligence, drive and perseverance. He is truly a hero in our eyes and we applaud his parents for seeking our help.

Oh yeah, mom is no longer frantic and overwhelmed as she and her family actually are enjoying the normal challenges of life and each other. We believe everyone deserves their BEST BRAIN EVER!


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