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Don’t Settle for Toxic "Friends": Why Choosing Your Tribe Is Essential to Your Mental Health

Updated: May 26, 2023

Don't keep toxic friends in your life.
Don't keep toxic friends - enjoy your up lifting friends

Ever had a toxic friends or co-workers who are a total buzz kill? You know, the negative, self-centered type who sucks all the air out of the room, leaving you feeling like a deflated balloon? Yeah, me too - and it's not just annoying, it's plain toxic!

Your mental health deserves better, my friend. So here's the deal: don't be that person, and choose your tribe like your life depends on it. Trust me, your sanity will thank you later.

Having friends is essential to living a fulfilling and successful life. Being surrounded by people with similar interests and beliefs allows you to broaden your horizons, receive different perspectives, and build confidence in who you are.

However, choosing the right friends is crucial. True friends are those with whom you can share confidences, value their opinion, and share real-life experiences. It's essential to cultivate friendships with people who align with your values and support your mental health.

Quality over quantity is the key to building lasting friendships. It's better to have a few friends who genuinely care about you and your well-being than to be surrounded by people who don't share your values or support you in your endeavors.

A good friendship is a two-way street- it involves both giving and taking, respect, and care for each other. When we have happy and healthy relationships, we feel content, satisfied, and loved, which allows our brain to function at its best.

So, choose your friends wisely, and cultivate lasting, supportive relationships. After all, good friends help us achieve our best brain ever!

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