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Telling your story will change your Brain.

Updated: May 26, 2023

Telling your story
Telling your Story

Have you ever met someone who has overcome a great obstacle or tragedy in their life and yet they are functioning well, have a great attitude, are delightful to being around? How did you know about what he or she went through? They told you their story! Learning to tell your story of overcoming obstacles actually helps your brain! Your story matters! Telling your story brings perspective and healing. And it neurologically changes how your brain functions!

The main theme in Donald Miller’s book, Hero on a Mission, is we are the authors of our own stories. As an author we have the ability to edit, cut and add to the story we create. Every epic story has most of these character types: a victim, a villain, a hero and a guide. When someone is stuck in the victim or villain mode they are consumed in ‘lesser than’ or ‘It’s someone else’s fault’ mentality which affects how they function and behave. Learning to tell your story from the hero perspective allows you to understand the obstacles or tragedies you have overcome, yet use those experiences to transform yourself to inspire, motivate and encourage yourself and others. From a brain perspective, our brains work at an optimal level when we can share the lessons we have learned. Most times we feel we are the only ones who have gone through something. When we share our stories, we find others have experienced similar things too.

When you are empowered, engaged and passionate your neurotransmitters self-regulate to allow your brain to function at its peak.

Learning to tell your story will help you achieve your BEST BRAIN EVER!

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